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I have been interested in Photography for many years. My interest began when I was twelve years old and a friend of the family named Sidney Butter lent me his camera for a short while. I shot a roll of film, developed it in Sidney's darkroom, made a couple of prints, and the magic of those moments has stayed with me ever since!

I received training as a Commercial Photographer at the High School of Art & Design in New York City. I was extremely fortunate to attend that school as the competition for a seat there was citywide and very fierce.

Following high school I worked briefly in the field and then, in 1964 I was inducted in the US Army. Again, I was fortunate as I trained as a Still Combat Photographer. I learned a good deal about multiple flash photography, aerial mapping, reconnaissance, and target spotting and shooting. None of which really served me well in my later life. 

After my service, I was happy to be home in NYC again and working in the field of commercial photography. 

Many years have, by now of course, passed yet I am still very much interested in photography. It is really only a hobby at this point but a serious pursuit nevertheless. 

I have made the transition to digital photography now, with some tremendous initial reluctance I must say. Somehow, I simply didn't equate digital photography as an Art in the same class as silver or conventional film-based photography. 

I spent considerable time, money and effort in constructing a very complete professional level darkroom, and then I discovered that I did not care to spend so much time working in it. I also found that I did not have the requisite energy to do so. It was then that I made the transition to digital photography. 

I have decided that one must not necessarily suffer to make one's art. It takes sufficient effort to learn all of the techniques that are indispensible to operating in the digital world, that I can say it is not entirely without effort. The one thing it certainly takes is time. Even digital photography is not done in a hurry. It takes knowledge, planning, execution, and work to make a superb digital photograph! 

I am currently learning the required skills

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Other News and Info:

If you are curious about me, or about my photography including my interests, my work, my reasons for photographing the things I do, go to the About Me page for information on these subjects. 

If you want to know more about my equipment or my techniqes, go to the Equipment page.

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