Toyo 4X5 Field View Camera

Welcome To The Gallery Store . . .

Well, as you can see, there is no Gallery Store here. 

I have been building this web site a step at a time, and, I have not been able to implement a fully functioning store as yet.

It will be here eventually and I hope that some of my friends and  acquaintances will like my work enough to want a permanent example and reminder on their wall - maybe on their walls! That would be fantastic.

I've never made an effort to sell my work, though I have given it as gifts to certain people over the years. I have been content with producing fine photographs for my own enjoyment and for that of the few friends with whom I have shared them.

I hope and expect that soon I will be able to expand my circle of friends and be able to provide very high quality prints that will add to the beauty and serenity of their environments; prints that you will be happy to purchase and enjoy for many years.

As the implementation of a Gallery Store becomes more a reality than a dream, I will send an E-Card to all of my registered members, friends and acquaintances.

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How to Purchase . . .

When you look at the Gallery, make a note of the name of the image that you would like to have.

Send me an email with the name of the photo, and the size you would prefer (up to 16X20 inches.)  

I will contact you with the final price of the image including any shipping and insurance fees. If you accept this price, email me and I'll send the print as quickly as possible.

Right now, I am not really set up to run a full Photo Gallery Store. I will make and ship a print to anyone who wants, orders and pays for one. But, it will arrive in a cardboard roll-tube. It will be on heavy weight archival quality paper but you'll have to see to the framing yourself.

It's a way for you to save money, by doing the framing at a do-it-yourself framing outlet or art supply store (or selecting a simple white mat and metal frame and having the framer do it for you.) At this time I cannot compete with mass marketed framing materials or with custom framing shops.

When I am prepared to operate a Gallery Store, I hope to offer fully framed archival prints in various sizes. I hope that you understand and can either wait to order or that you can deal with the current state of affairs. 

I hope that you have noticed the Toyo® Field View camera in the heading of this page. It was the camera with which I took so many of the photographs from my past. I have a nostalgic love for the camera as it has been a wonderful tool for me over the years.


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